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The Drum, Friday 17 January 2020

the drum

Host: Adam Spencer
Panel: Parnell McGuinness, Kirsten Banks, James Hennessy

What is a ‘Betelgeuse’ and why has it got astronomers so excited? Also, the panel discusses growing concerns over large advertisers influencing commercial news and we geek out on some exciting scientific developments and the good, bad – and permanence – of tattoos.

Full episode here - ABC’s The Drum, Friday, 17 January 2020

It’s the cover-up that’s killed the prince and the banker

This article originally appeared in the Australian Financial Review on 27 November 2019

Westpac has, as Prince Andrew might say, acted in a “manner unbecoming”. And even more unbecomingly, it at first sought to scratch sand over the stinking little heap and sidle away.

As any communications professional will tell you, it’s not the crisis that kills you: it’s the response.

Prince Andrew during his BBC interview. 

The time it took the Westpac chief executive and board to recognise that their problem could not be solved with cosmetic PR invites parallels to the tin-eared Duke of York, who could not see that it wasn’t the optics but the substance of his situation that left the world aghast. Continue reading

Why Labor must change or die

Original article published 10 July 2019 in The Australian Financial Review.

The party that tried to win the election with class warfare has found the real class war raging in its own ranks.

This time last year, conservatives were agonising over The Base. A lost tribe, which had supposedly deserted the Liberal Party under the then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. The electorate, the narrative went, cared little for budget surpluses and a growth economy. The future of politics was in fighting for cultural values.Now, however, it is the Labor Party ripping itself apart to find the centre it thought it held.

Labor is discovering that there is precious little middle ground between the working and progressive classes it aims to unify into its base. As the election results rolled in, the progressives – let’s call them social justice democrats – turned upon the workers. Suddenly the heroes of the labour movement were demoted to “truculent turds” who “voted to turn backwards”. The party that tried to win the election with class warfare has found the real class war raging in its own ranks.

Continue reading