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I’m a business owner,¬† writer and communications strategist specialising in complex ideas and business-focused communications. I write a fortnightly column for the Australian Financial Review on politics, economics, good ideas and great disasters.

I also drink whiskey, write articles, brush cat fur off my clothing and cook pheasant when I’m stressed. I like nothing more than a table-slamming argument with clever people I categorically disagree with. Yes, we will have another bottle of wine with that. And the cheese.

Please do get in touch if you take issue with anything I say or write, but please bear in mind that I have a busy day job. I don’t intend to be rude when I take a day or so to respond.

Twitter @parnellpalme

Email parnell AT ppmcg.com.au

LinkedIn au.linkedin.com/in/parnellmcguinness

As for leaving comments on this site – don’t bother. I never read or respond to those.

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