United Voice silences women

My piece in the Daily Telegraph on the unconscionable way United Voice tried to hold women hostage on International Women’s Day 2017: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/a-childcare-workers-strike-will-hurt-women-more-than-anyone-else/news-story/fa6914f89e111e865981419e2e8a2c5f

First published 8 March 2017.

United Voice silences women

Society has come a long way when it comes to equal parenting, but for the most part, the parents who stay home to look after children who can’t go to daycare are still women. When child care arrangements end before the accepted close of business, it is women who overwhelmingly cut short their day or make part-time arrangements.

Which is why it so bizarre that, to mark International Women’s Day, the union which claims to look after Australia’s lowest paid workers is aiming a blow against women’s participation in the workforce by urging childcare workers to go on strike.

If United Voice succeeds in rallying a widespread strike of childcare workers today, Australian workforce participation rates this International Women’s Day will mirror those of the 1950s. Continue reading