Conspiracy theories #1

In thinking about alternative facts and conspiracy theories lately, a bizarre take on from 2013 sprung to mind, featuring me and Thought Broker as players in a vast right wing conspiracy for putting on ideological spectrum debates which included dry economic ideas. Thanks Andrew Clarke – I always wanted to be a chief operative in a warrior cabal ;-)

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Just remember that things can be accurate in point of fact but not necessarily therefore in conclusion.

British PM Theresa May shows that Trump can be managed

Since US President Trump’s inauguration in January, political signalling has escalated rapidly, with politicians around the world responding to Donald Trump’s strong man image with inflammatory words.

There are a number of reasons why this is particularly counter-productive:

  • Trump’s supporters are attracted by his image of the strong man standing up for America internationally. This approach reinforces that image and plays well for him among that base.
  • The politicians taking this tack say that they believe Trump poses a significant threat internationally. If this is so – and his inconsistency is concerning – then escalation is dangerous.
  • While the posturing is aimed at the politician’s home populations, in this day and age it cannot be confined to  a local audience. Their words harden the positions of the Trump administration and reduce the opportunity for negotiation.

British PM Theresa May, on the other hand, has shown the world how effective engagement could defuse the threat Trump poses and change the course of history.

The full text of the article, published here on 7 February 2017, is below.

Watch the full press conference here FULL: President Trump & British Prime Minister Theresa May Press ConferenceScreen Shot 2017-02-12 at 6.06.01 pm

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