My SMH opinion article: Germany has blown the chance for civil debate

Because it was afraid to talk about the downsides of immigration openly over the last several decades, Germany has blown its opportunity to have a civil immigration debate. Now, in 2017, which will be a year of intense global instability, it will finally be forced to confront immigration issues. At this stage, the debate can’t be anything but hysterical.

I will post the full text later.

Safe Schools may do more harm than good

First published in The Courier Mail, 7 December 2016

Poor little Tyronne Unsworth killed himself after being bullied over his sexuality, and now we have to discuss Safe Schools again.

If there is one thing both critics and supporters of Safe Schools can agree on, it is that when children are bullied so severely that they are driven to kill themselves, we, as society, have a problem.

His poor dear face, the distress of his mother, and the memories this tragedy dredges up for others who were bullied at school are deeply saddening.

But, to use the lingo, what kind of victim-blaming is this, that takes the bullies’ excuses at face value?

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